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ALONE (2012) by Edward Elefterion

August Strindberg moves to a new flat in order to create a Masterwork but his past won’t let him cross the creative threshold.  Scouring the new world around him for clues, certain that the unseen “Powers” mean to inspire him, he risks his  life to learn that the fantastical universe inside of him is perhaps more real than the “real” world outside of him.

The production was inspired by Strindberg’s struggle and his search for answers through dramatic experiments with structure and theme.


by Stanton Wood

By completely re-imagining and integrating the competing narratives from our two earlier Frankenstein projects, we crafted a cohesive new play that honored and invigorated Mary Shelley’s classic story.  We changed the gender of both Doctor and Creature to focus on the powerful consequences and responsibilities of creation.  Is Doctor Frankenstein’s crime creating her monster/daughter...or rejecting it? 


by Stanton Wood

The strange and wonderful story of the female creature, this production was both a sequel and an independent play.  It featured multiple actors playing the same role as well as the narrative techniques of story theatre to put a new spin on one of the world’s classic stories.


by Stanton Wood

We celebrated our Fifth Anniversary by returning to one of literature’s most influential stories. Borrowing many sound techniques from Kabuki and the narrative techniques of story-theatre, and by changing the genders of the main characters, this expressionistic adaptation of Mary Shelly’s novel focused exclusively on the doctor’s point of view.

BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES (2010) by Edward Elefterion

When Kate’s husband returns home on 9/11 covered in dust and ash, she thinks the worst is behind them, but she ends up learning more about him than she ever imagined.  Can they go back to the way it was...before?  Or is the truth too impossible to ignore?

CANDIDE AMERICANA (2009) by Stanton Wood

This new work transplants the hero’s famous journey around the world to a journey across time and terrain in the United States of America that includes New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and New York City on September 11th. His search for love soon becomes a search for meaning and hope in seemingly hopeless circumstances.

SHADOW OF HIMSELF (2009) by Neal Bell

Using 5 actors the play tells the story of Gil, a prideful king who discovers that his potential for deep, lasting love may be more narcissistically rooted than he first thought, that a preemptive attack on a monster can have dire consequences, and that fear and grief may make him more of a man than power and control.

BIG THICK ROD (2008) by Stanton Wood

He’s big and thick and he’s got a dream. Cricket may be the only person on Earth that can help him realize it. I won’t mention how they end up in the root cellar with a busload of Japanese tourists or what happens at the hot-dog stand or what the heck they’re doing in a graveyard with a blow-up doll.

A ROPE IN THE ABYSS (2008) by Edward Elefterion

Named after Proust’s description of the moments between waking from a deep sleep and remembering who you are, A Rope in the Abyss is a tapestry of stories about people who survive brain injury and their equally challenged relatives: wives, sons, even doctors, all of whom are forced (sometimes moment by moment) to redefine who they are.

THE NIGHT OF NOSFERATU (2007) by Stanton Wood

*winner of 2 NYIT Awards*

    Outstanding Director, Edward Elefterion

    Outstanding Lighting, Kevin Hardy

The complete story of the mysterious Count Nosferatu, his attraction to the despondent and provocative Mina Harker, and the destructive (and seductive) appeal of borders.  A culmination of 12 months of work, performed in two acts.

THE MORNING OF MY DEATH (2007) by Stanton Wood

*winner of 1 MITF Award*

    Outstanding Director, Edward Elefterion

This production focused on the macabre and timely tale of destruction from within as an insidious spirit of evil infects an entire city with madness turning respected citizens into monsters and the beloved into the terrible.

LAND OF THE UNDEAD (2007) by Stanton Wood

The story of Jonathan Harker, his wife Mina, and Nosferatu, one of the undead. Based on the classic silent film, "Nosferatu: a Symphony of Horror," this new adaptation for the stage focuses on Harker's journey into the land of the undead, the mysterious connection between Harker's wife and Nosferatu, and the effects of an unknown disease as it consumes a city, leaving madness and death in its wake.

NOSFERATU (2006) devised by Edward Elefterion

Starting with just F.W. Murnau’s shooting script for “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror”, and the perfect setting (inside the historic, seldom-seen, tomb-like interior of the arch at Grand Army Plaza) our little experiment yielded a year’s worth of material and a series of awards.

THE SIBLINGS (2006) by Edward Elefterion

An adaptation of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, this production wasn’t for children. Turns out Mom’s having private conference with God and he’s telling her to abandon the children in the order to ensure survival. Or so she says. Events unfold that probe questions of loyalty, betrayal, and survival of the flesh at the cost of the soul.


Our first production.  Created by the ensemble over a six-week rehearsal period, our production was a tragicomedy about the downfall of young wunderkind Jekyll told from beyond the grave.

The production was a clear example of our bare-bones less-is-more aesthetic. Nearly all of the lighting was done with three clip lights focused by cast members as needed.